plant for bare bottom oscar tank

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plant for bare bottom oscar tank

Postby jiko » Wed Nov 18, 2015 6:27 pm

hello, i have a 30"x18"x18" bare bottom tank with two air driven sponge filter and a top filter (650l/h) with two baby oscar and four baby blood parrot(they are my brother's fish). i am not into serious planted tank and from internet i have learned that planted tank is not for oscars. i just want to add some green to the tank. it will be a low light setting with no fert, no co2. i just want to cover my equipments with some green. can this be done? some floating plant, or some plant tied to bogwood or rock (i want my tank bare bottom as i notice all these 6 fish are messy) . should i give it a try with some low cost plant that does not need strong light or fert or co2? i know nothing about aquarium plants. can you suggest some name which are available and low cost?

i have another question, does sponge filter do any good when the air pump is off? or the beneficial bacteria die without airflow?

thanks in advance...
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Re: plant for bare bottom oscar tank

Postby JatinAnand » Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:44 am

Hey there!
The oscars will destroy those plants eventually as they grow up.
I would not advise keeping plants in an Oscar's tank. I myself have tried many different ways to keep some greenary in my tank but i think the Oscar doesn't like it.
Also,do you plan on keeping these fishes in this tank for like forever? These fish producd tremendous waste and you will need a bigger tank to house all of them.
As for the filtration part,sponge filters are excellent Biological filters. Their BB colony won't die if you turn off the air supply,as long as they are in the tank.
Also,what media do you use in the top filter?
I pic of the setup and filter would be great.
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Re: plant for bare bottom oscar tank

Postby souvikr » Sun Dec 27, 2015 8:04 am

I can share my experience with 2 6" Bala shark and 2 11" Tiger shark - they destroyed every plan i put including Amazon Sword but Anubias (broader leaf) tried strongly with Driftwood survived! You can try the same. Chose a flat driftwood instead of taller ones.
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