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Re: new hobbyist

Postby Weirder_Weird » Sun Oct 02, 2016 10:02 am

Have you considered Peacock Spiny Eels or Barred Spiny Eel (pancal machch)? They are good oddball fishes and grow around 8-10 inches. They are sold in Galiff Street... There is one seller who sits with a huge load of Natives (To your right if you are facing the Dogs section). Do not buy Tire Track Eels though, they get too large. All of these eels are escape artists so you will need a tight fitting cover though.
Also, another possible option would be Blue Gouramies... They are pretty and robust and easy to keep. Remember to keep only one male and 2-3 females though, otherwise aggression might be an issue. For schooling fishes, corydoras are excellent choices for bottom dwelling schooling fishes... You can get a shoal of 5-6 cories. Hockey stick tetras are excellent schooling tetras. Get 10 of these tetras (If you want to keep only this schooling species). However, they are easily startled and may jump (rare cases). Dwarf neon rainbowfishes (peacock rainbow) are also good schooling fishes and are active. Remember to buy a good no. of them if you want them to school. Also, you can try and keep a gang of female bettas. They come in several colours and are lively.
Most, if not all, of these fishes can be found at any LFS. Otherwise, there is galliff str. . Also, Don't put all of these fishes together, or all of them at once. Once you finalise your stock, you can ask anyone in this forum if it is compatible.
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