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Re: Dedicated to WOULD-BE Hobbyists.

Postby Aayaan » Sat Feb 23, 2019 5:08 pm

From what the pictures reveal about the present water parameters, which I haven't bothered testing, I am not willing to give it a sudden make-over but wait for the system to turn normal through regular flushing-out of all of that algae-food via nutrient-exporting. When that algae growth lessens and takes longer to cover the rocks, I will begin ordering for the test-kits, two-part, etc and start testing, dosing and so on which could probably happen within a month or two from now.

But, why not try the phosphate and nitrate removing products? First, that would equate to a change brought about through force only to push the now vulnerable system out into the jaws of the unforgiving laws of nature and later cause me to jump around to fix this & that, trying everything, to keep it alive. Though it doesn't die with a pop but one skipped maintenance routine is enough to get it wobbly and fall over down the mountain side & even crash to death. It has to learn to look after itself when daddy is out once in a while, atleast be able to fry an egg than starve the whole day. Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate & phosphate though, are nursery rhymes compared to the other vital elements necessary to ensure a thriving reef, can prove fatal if the tank is used to being spoonfed with life-support-systems only and is feeble against those basic attacks because it was never allowed to learn to handle those elements by itself.

And, that's my approach. As they say, do as you wish but never forget the responsibility that you have brought upon your shoulders. Reef, if you are man enough to accept the accountability because toys are for little kids to play with and we have no right to juggle with the lives of beautiful creatures that were having a blast in their lives back home in the ocean. Otherwise, you are no different from a merciless cold blooded murderer. The only difference is that, no one from their families will ever come to put you behind bars as the way to the ocean is a long one. It may be an adventure for us every now and then but for the fish & corals it's a matter of life and death in the hands of erring humans and that too only one life for each of them with no spares. Money comes and goes but not so with life. And if this doesn't stir your heart then you are not fit to keep an aquarium. The freshwater fish keeping has spoiled us.

Love YOUR fish & corals as members of your family because they are away from their sweet homes and if you don't, who else will. Happy reefing.

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