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Re: Dedicated to WOULD-BE Hobbyists.

Postby Aayaan » Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:42 pm

06th November, 2017.

Nothing exciting about this setup. The simplicity involved with this aquarium is enough to prove that anyone can indulge in marine-aquarium keeping. The indispensable parts that are essentially the backbone to this setup are filtration with Macro-algae, lighting that would support good photosynthesis, water movement for dilution and oxygenation, stocking appropriately and stable water temperature. But, one should have one's tank drilled and plumbed to a sump. The sump should be more than half the tank's carpet area so as to provide enough space for Macro-Algae growth. This "drill & plumb" is for future proofing the system as we all tend to tred the same path towards "coral-love".

For information may I mention that the fishes are not quite crazy about the new food from Newlife Spectrum as stated earlier. Therefore, the Royal Dottyback is taking forever to regain it's original intense magenta colouration.
Should begin to think about Pods now, maybe.
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