Shrimps and CO2 ?

Re: Shrimps and CO2 ?

Postby mr_feynman » Wed Nov 18, 2015 7:58 pm

Tirtha wrote:
mr_feynman wrote:Recently I cranked up CO2 gradually (6-8 bps for 300 L tank); the drop checker is nice green -- but many of the shrimp population have died (Indian Rainbow shrimps -- not any pricey :-ss?

Bro, I have zero knowledge of shrimp keeping. But why you need 6-8bps for a 300ltr tank?? I am not sure how you are diffusing the CO2 but if it is in an effective way, then you are simply chocking the plants and if the difusion is not correct, in other hand you are wasting a load of co2.

During intial period for that kind of tank, if you are using all emersed plants, 3bpsx24hrs will be enough under high light and after a month 2bps will be more than enough.

Remember, not only fish but your plants also need O2 to survive.

Yes.. you are right!
I had been using 3 bps with no problem... had some BBA issues in my previous set up and that's why I increased bps.
Though, co2 is on for 6 hours only!!! and my plants are pearling after 40-45 mins of light-co2 on; drop checker nice green and it seems plants are okay with all healthy live stock! Only shrimp population have been gradually decreasing! I am also new to shrimp keeping as far as the costlier ones concerned. Surfing through google left me to some pointer where shrimp keepers were recommending not to have co2 at least in ideal conditions for shrimps!
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