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About Kolkata Aquarium Club

Postby admin » Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:16 pm

Initiated in 2007 by a group of ardent fish-keeping hobbyists, Kolkata Aquarium Club (Registration No: s/11/77619) is one of its kind. From what started as an online group in Orkut, KAC soon became a preferred medium for hobbyists, not only from Kolkata, but across India (and also overseas) to exchange their views on fish-keeping and aqua-culture. What is unique in KAC is the blend of both senior hobbyists and beginners, sharing their views, learning and teaching, under a common roof. Governed by a single love of the aquatic life, be it for the flora or the fauna, KAC has united the members beyond the realms of the hobby to deep endearing friendship. Indeed with our common hobby to bind us all, KAC has provided us the perfect foil to indulge in ‘fishy’ discussions and thus engage ourselves collectively into a hobby that has provided an escapade from the otherwise tormenting realms of life.

It is interesting to note that unlike other online forums, the members of KAC did not limit themselves to activities related to fish-keeping in their decorative aquarium in their homes only, but a major focus of the members were to promote ethical fish-keeping. Many members of KAC actively took part in campaigns to improve fish-keeping in public-aquariums to raising the awareness of fish-keepers to refrain from keeping mutilated or deformed fishes like parrots or dyed fishes. In fact, KAC has also campaigned against government institutions to ensure that the fish kept in the public aquariums were taken better care. Not only has such campaigns raised the awareness of many hobbyists who today refrain from buying mutilated or dyed fishes, but also the members have come together under the banner of KAC and spread the message actively across other forums and social media sites like Orkut, Facebook and Youtube. Today, with our history of successful campaigns, thankfully in many circles, hobbyists have recognized the values we stand for, and have refrained from keeping mutilated and dyed ornamental fish. Today, it is the motto of every KAC member, who is true to this hobby at heart, to help us in our endeavors in prevention of cruelty to animals.

KAC has truly helped us with the perfect platform to develop our knowledge and skills while pursuing our hobby. While in the early years, most of the discussions in the lively forums centered on fishes which were more commonly available, today, the dynamics of the discussions have undergone a drastic change for the better. The journey has been most fulfilling for all those who have witnessed the development of the hobby across social circles. With greater access to a wider variety of exotic fishes, amphibians and crustaceans, coupled with better aquarium equipment and supplies, the hobbyists in this forum have made their mark in the best fish-keeping circles globally. Be it the planted tanks where KAC members have produced breath-taking aqua-scapes, or cichlid setups with vibrancy that captures the imagination of every hobbyist, KAC has ensured that we have progressed in our pursuit in this hobby. In fact, quite a few members have been acclaimed for their show-piece tanks, in both national and international competitions. And all these were made possible through the collective knowledge that was channelized through a platform, we proudly call the KAC.

Happy fish-keeping.
Team KAC
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