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KAC Forum Rules

Postby admin » Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:13 pm

For the Hobby, by the Hobbyists


USE ONLY ENGLISH. This is English only forum. So please stick to English while discussing. DO NOT use any “SMS” languages. Construct logical and easily understandable sentences using correct grammar.

KAC has long standing abhorrence against any Man made/Modified fishes like Parrot, Colored and tattooed fishes. We strictly condemn people keeping them and also posting in favor of them in this forum.

BE NICE with your fellow members. We all are here for our common interest of fish keeping. Treat everyone as your friend. Please be patient and encouraging whenever beginners post questions. Try to deal with them patiently and try to point out their errors and shortcomings in a polite manner.

SHUT UP! If you do not have anything good to say or do not have any value to add in any thread, please do not post.

SEARCH THEN SUBMIT your queries. There must be many threads and replies already existing which may answer your queries. If someone posts any redundant query, please redirect him to the existing thread.

POST YOUR FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE instead of copy pasting content from the internet while suggesting something to others or solving queries. If you want to take reference of any external material, then post the link instead.

RESPECT COPYRIGHT. Do not post anything from others published work. This includes anything from other sites, like books, CDs, eBooks, torrents, emails etc. While giving reference, instead of copy paste the content, post the link of the article.

USE CORRECT FORUM to post your questions. It will help to keep the knowledgebase more organized, indexed and easily searchable.

POST PRICE OF THE PRODUCTS if you are willing to trade. No product posting is allowed without price. Any posts without a price will be deleted without any prior notice.

POST FEEDBACK of any Products if only you have used them or using them.


DO NOT post any Copyrighted material and pictures what is not yours. Post the link.

DO NOT use foul language in this forum. Personal attack, Insulting language/ Signs, rude, vulgar words/ approach will be handled very strictly without giving any prior warning.

DO NOT POST anything related to buy/ Sell out side of the Market Place section. That will be considered as SPAM. The post & Poster will be deleted from the forum immediately.

DO NOT start a new thread about the same /similar topic if any thread has been locked by the Admin / Moderators.

DO NOT post feedback about any seller anywhere in the forum.

DO NOT post any trading thread related to Man Made/ Modified fishes anywhere in the forum.

Kolkata-aquarium.com / Kolkata Aquarium Club is not responsible for any commercial deal went sour between the seller and buyer. So after an unsuccessful deal do not start venting out your anger / frustration in this forum. If you have anything bad to say about any seller, use PM/ Email/ Phone service to communicate to the interested parties.
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