channa Gachua Bengal--keeping to breeding

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channa Gachua Bengal--keeping to breeding

Postby Gaurob » Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:21 pm

For Last 8 months i keep share my 8 months journey with this eye catching fish........
frankly speaking when i started my channa journey don't have much knowledge about this species & also the bad reputation of channa mean "Lata(Channa punctata) & shole(Channa striata) "on my mind.But the Tabrez Shariff interview act as driving force to me to get into channa keeping.
For species collection i had to visit galiff native corner for 5 consecutive Sunday...........that was during monsoon so a lot of fries of channa punctata & Channa micropateletes fry came to the corner.After minute observation i started to distinguish between all species..........atlast one day i spotted a different species apart from punctata with slight red belly & red patches below eyes & readily pick it. After Googled i found that eye catching species nothing but channa gachua bengal.i collected two more gachua from galiff.
They mainly need a 2-3feter tank with slow moving water & lots of vegetation & hiding places with water surface covered with vegetation.i think hornwort is the best species for the purpose as they also keep oxygenating the water rapidly.Also keep in mind that any channa species don't love a huge water change at once.also keep the top of tank covered properly otherwise you have found your dead channa on floor next morning(personally i lost one).
exclusively channa gachua is very peaceful if right tank size provided(except breeding season).But every channa species temperament vary according to their size & nature.
Needless to say they are carnivorous.i feed them cichild bio gold & fresh prawn at juvi stage. they also accepted live black worm.on adolescence they ready to accept any food even Live or dead both small fish.
during winter i keep the thermostat at 22c.But due to bad weather conditions this year(2017) despite month ofJanuary it was not that much cold. so i switched off thermostat & during this time a abrupt weather change take place & it was a little bit cold & I think that cold triggered gachua day during cleaning of my tank i found 4-5 fry at bottom of tank.but after observation i found the parent carrying 20-25 babies with them.
As channa species are mouth breeder the parent take care of their fry very ferociously.they mom also lay feeder eggs for feeding his fry.After the fry reach to 2 cm in size i stated to feed them on blood worm & black black worm.
Here comes some glimpse of gachua family................
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