Live Stock Needed via SHIPPING to Raipur!!

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Live Stock Needed via SHIPPING to Raipur!!

Postby bladenism » Fri Jul 01, 2016 3:22 pm

Hello to all!
My name is Vaibhav Kumar Hirwani from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Recently I was out of station for almost 18 days and my planted tank was looked after by a rookie neighbour and he did manage to survive for 15 days but suddenly the CO2 stopped working and he inserted more & more CO2 in the tank. The next day was a massacre and everything was down. My shrimp collection, cardinals, ottos and SAEs were gone forever. :(( The next day I decided to replenish my tank but right now struggling to face algae attack (all kind). I contacted the LFS but everything here is damn too expensive! For reference:
My shopping list is:
Cardinal Tetra : 20 Pcs
Amano Shrimp : 8 Pcs
SAEs : 10 Pcs
Red Cherry Shrimps : 10 Pcs
Red Crystal Shrimp : 8 Pcs
Any other shrimps available do let me know?
Here this list will cost me around Rs.10000+. I know its astonishing but what can I do! What I'm asking here is can anyone shop for me and ship me the stock to my location. Can anyone take some of their precious time and help me with it. I'll pay for the shipping too!! Please help me!
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