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Re: DIY 3D background

Postby raj_81 » Mon Jun 06, 2016 4:08 pm

ajinkyajin wrote:
raj_81 wrote:
ajinkyajin wrote:I am going to make a 3d background for my new tank.Will the standard thermocol sheet work?Also where is araldite resin used,on the front or back of the background i.e to coat the cement at front or to stick the background to the glass?Also should i fully coat the thermocol sheet with cement-front and back?

Hi sorry for the delayed reply..
Yes you can use standard thermocol but make sure it's 1 inch size so that it better holds... Or will not break when you try to lift after first coat.
Araldite resin can be used on all sides.. In my case i applied only on sides and backside.. To ensure to avoid the water contact directly on thermocol..
For cement apply only on front end, make sure there is no excess part on sides or else you might end up to see unable to fit inside..
To stick the 3D background you have to use silicone...

I would be happy to answer if you have any further doubts in this DIY.. Wish you all the best... And eager to see your final output.

Thanks for d reply bro,my background is complete with all the coats of cement applied,will apply araldite on the backside of bg.
What can I use as a thinner for araldite?Will painter thinner do the trick?Also does painter thinner react with thermocol?

Here's my background:


Amazed with your background work.. Hope you had a monster tank... I'm afraid relating to painter thinner as it might react with thermocol, few paint shop people suggested it, but I haven't come across such suggestion or someone implemented the same.. So I went with Araldite..

Please take your time to change the waters as many times as you can... And after putting fishes also change the water regularly until they get used to the new environment, I changed around 70 to 80% when there are fishes..

Looking forward with final integrated pics..

Best Regards
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