Battery backup

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Battery backup

Postby stefanm » Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:33 am

How much battery backup do we need?

I have a requirement for roughly 200 watts consumption, this year we have had 4 full days (between 7-9 hours) without electricity, these shut downs had all happened during summer. So my 200 watts consists of return pump, 2 wavemakers, protein skimmer, ceiling fan, modem and a led light (if required) as most of the long duration power cuts happen in the day time I'm thinking along the lines of a solar inverter/UPS, 250 watt solar panel and 120 ah battery, so I'm assuming that the battery wouldn't even run down during daylight hours, as I would be using electricity direct from the solar panel (after conversion it should give around 200 watts)

All the manufacturers websites don't have actual wattage calculators, they only state one tube light and one fan etc. I have no idea on how much current is used by a tube light, I don't have any and don't know anyone who does.
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Re: Battery backup

Postby mithun » Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:49 pm

for roughly 10 hours backup with 200 watts constant drive, you need a 2.5KVA Inverter system. That would be the cheaper option.

If you want to go Solar, given 80% efficiency 250 watts solar panels with 12V 120Ah battery will only last you around 4 hours given you have a 100% charge situation and no solar input (night hours). Because DC to AC conversion process reduces efficiency even more by 20%. Now extrapolate.
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