Sump - A must for marine keepers

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Sump - A must for marine keepers

Postby el batty » Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:29 pm

Here I am, once again giving "gyan" of something i have not much about, but someone has to start eh, so let it be me since i am having fresh experience in it, or rather the lack of it.

Needless to say, if you wish to get yourself a marine tank, get yourself a sump. People used to say "marine without sump is impossible" and the arrogant me used to think, "dhusssssssssshh..filtration, top filter will do it." Its not false at all, a top filter aided with proper mediums can stand its ground for a low-tech marine, but for anything bigger and classy, you need to get yourself a sump.

For example, till 3 months ago, i was firm, "marine, sump, me???, nehhhhh!!! Top filter will do just fine!" the now me "Marine, no sump, fishes??? whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......need to and FAST". This transition is called gathering wisdom after getting kicked hard. We all need to get kicked hard, otherwise, we dont really get the point of how important things are when experienced people say stuffs!! (Still banking on guidance regarding fish stocking).

If you are not willing to bore a hole in your tank for the sake of a sump, no issues at all!!! Someone has definitely discovered some ways around for people like us. The way being a overflow chamber. This way, you don't need to worry of flooding floor of marine water and moping them off along with tears. But, if you are making a new tank for marine, i'd recommend and i believe everyone will too, get a glass drilled.

Discussing about the types of sumps and the utilities, pros and cons are quietly left for senior and more experienced hobbyists, I on the other hand will give a brief idea on what exactly happens and why its so important if you wish to make a marine tank and plan to make it last more than a quarter of a year :D

Firstly, Sump is nothing but another tank in close proximity of the main display tank sharing common water. Water that leaves from the main tank, comes down to the sump chambers and gets worked on only to get pumped back in the tank. This continuous process of water circulation not only enhances the quality of water in the main tank but also reduces the chances of any goof ups due to changes in the water parameters. In a mature tank with sump, the chances of having nitrate peaks are almost redundant. But just getting a sump wont do, you would need proper mediums to process the water coming through. Bio-bacterias are the agent of mass destruction of every harmful content that could possibly arise in a tank. The more rugged structure you have in the tank, the more chances of healthy colonies growing on them. Some mediums to host colonies of bio bacterias are "ceramic rings" "bio balls" or "anything with lots and lots of pores" When untreated water passes through them, they quickly act on the water and break down the harmful components to harmless ones.

So, its safe to assume that water from tank will pass through few chambers which would house these colonies of bacterias. Firstly, we do need to grow them in our tank, this will be discussed in cycling of a new marine tank by some other experienced hobbyists for sure. The more time the water goes through these mediums, the better quality of water goes back in the tank. It literally does the same thing as that of a top filter, but on a large scale in a limited time. Hence, in my opinion, its one of the best mode of filtration and a MUST in a marine tank.

Secondly, make enough chambers for different mediums and one big chamber for a skimmer. Even though the hobby starts with a pair of clownfish after being influenced by finding nemo(the movie), very soon, you'd find yourself looking at other options too, hence, either stick to lesser fishes, or if you are having doubts, install a protein skimmer. Its necessary but i have mixed feelings about this one. People advised me to get a skimmer from Day1 only, but my thought was, what would it skim if there were nothing giving off proteins? So, i didn't get one.........yet.

Guys, there are endless things to do in the salty side. All we need is just patience and the mentality to not act over smart and follow whats been told(mostly). If you are patient enough, believe me, result will flourish. Its not rocket science, its not unknown too, if you have the basics of fish-keeping correctly installed in you, am sure you can pull it out too. I mean, come on!! I did it, how hard could this be then :P (huge understatement) :mrgreen:

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Re: Sump - A must for marine keepers

Postby krishnendu » Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:48 am

In one word SUMP is the HEART of a marine tank.
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Re: Sump - A must for marine keepers

Postby souvikray » Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:44 pm

nicely explained bro :)
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Re: Sump - A must for marine keepers

Postby Tanmay » Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:30 pm

Yup Dude,

Now my sump is in action, but looking for the dsb and chaeto.

Pics uploaded in my discussion.

Thanks for the info.

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Re: Sump - A must for marine keepers

Postby souvikladla » Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:09 pm

got good amount of idea

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