Starting my first aquarium, reef tank.

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Starting my first aquarium, reef tank.

Postby stefanm » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:47 am

Ok I'm starting up my first aquarium, which will be a reef tank, on a budget, lol....I had figured around 40k, obviously not going to happen, have calculated it'll will be around 85k up and running so I think. I have done a ton of research, a few things not finalised or decided on, maybe you guys can offer some input.

Tank-Done, need to drill a few more holes, as I'm going to run a bean animal drain system, internal measurements are 40" x 20" x 24" (LxWxH) Approx 75 US Gallons.

Light-Diy LED, got tips from another forum, by the expert Jedimasterben, will be running a bluefish mini controller and 4-5 channels, still to order the heatsink, drivers and power supply, I'll be making a case for this, as i'm not allowed any wires hanging anywhere.

Sump-not done as yet, pretty much figured it, it's just a matter of cutting the glass and siliconing it up.

Chiller-DIY job, with drop in PVC seamless coated copper coil, 1/2 hp compressor.

Pumps and wavemakers- Suggestions please

Protein Skimmer- Still not decided whether or not to make one myself, any one had success on here with a DIY protein skimmer? Looks straight forward.

Sand- This stuff is expensive, i'll need at least 30 kg's of it, not putting in my sump though, is 2" depth enough? any reliable source?

Salt- I'm going to be using NSW, so not an issue, will be running it through a filter and UV

Stand- still not decided whether to go with a tubular steel frame or timber frame, I think timber is working out cheaper.

Live rock- found a classified ad for it 160 kg, I think 20-30 kg's should be enough?

I think that's it, apart from test kits, nets etc.

Any advice/tips?
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Re: Starting my first aquarium, reef tank.

Postby bappa » Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:50 am

great :-bd

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