Buy T5HO and T5 Osram and Narva tube here(any size)

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Buy T5HO and T5 Osram and Narva tube here(any size)

Postby Andrew » Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:46 am

Hi All,

Most of the hobbyist find difficult to buy T5HO tubes including me, And finally i found a shop who sells Osram and Narva Tube and they also ship anywhere in India. below is the shop and contact person details.

Shop Website address -

Contact Person - Ritesh

Contact No - +91-9176385833

The prices and very reasonable than other shops, And for people finding difficult to identify the tube below are some details about tubes, i am new to KAC forum so wanna check the guidelines whether i can post price in open topic. so i didn't mention the price here, if want let me know i can share the price he quoted for me.

2 Feet

14w - T5 Tube
24w - T5HO Tube

3 Feet

21w - T5 Tube
39w - T5HO Tube

4 Feet

28w - T5 Tube
54w - T5HO Tube

And do note all the branded tubes comes with a code to identify the kelvin like
"Size and watt"/827 - which is 2700k tube it might be 2feet 24w/827 or 3 feet 39w/827 or 4 feet 54w/827, 827 means 2700k and
830 - 3000k
840 - 4000k
860 - 6000k
865 - 6500k
880 - 8000k

And also note what ever kind of tube light you buy comparing to kelvin CRI(color rendering index) should be higher than 80, And also note blue and red spectrum should be in the proper range for better results and below is the picture for spectrum and spec sheet of narva and osram


Narva Light Spec ... 037_en.pdf

Osram Light Spec ... Cat&lid=EN

I bought Narva this time to check after reading some good reviews in German forums. below is my light setup 2 X 39w/865 - 6500k and 1 X 39w/830 - 3000k and 1 x 39w/840 - 4000k


And if anybody know some other place to purchase T5HO light kindly update here.
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Re: Buy T5HO and T5 Osram and Narva tube here(any size)

Postby SanamMarik » Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:52 pm

nice find bro, surely many people will get helped... gud job indeed :-bd
Sanam Marik
Knowledge has no end and so is my love for it. :)
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