8 foot 600 gallon low tech planted tank

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Re: 8 foot 600 gallon low tech planted tank

Postby Siddhartha saive » Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:58 am

Aayaan wrote:One more thing. This tank of yours is just the ideal type to stage a show for the school going fishes to present a lovely group dance for us to watch. Increasing the number of schooling members would be better. If it were my property, I would have gone and excluded the beautiful looking Green Terror(did I Id them right?). Just the traditional setup with live-stocks that go with the Discus whcich I guess is the nucleus of this aquarium.
Also, even distribution of light, reaching the corners, bright enough to say "thats Orl Korrect". This requires experimenting.
In my opinion, beautiful aquascapes from the internet must be gone through to create a better looking stuff, given the possibilities with this "big guy".
:ymparty: :-bd :ymapplause:
A regular discus biotope tank is too boring. Like a motionless painting. Mine is lively and you can sit and watch it for hours. Like I do [SMILING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]
I've tried a lot of fish and scapes. I like the fish I have now. May change later

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Re: 8 foot 600 gallon low tech planted tank

Postby Saibal » Sat May 12, 2018 7:44 am

Siddhartha saive wrote:A short video update :)


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