Having Problem with red Cabombas

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Re: Having Problem with red Cabombas

Postby abhirup » Sat Aug 11, 2012 8:21 pm

Fw observations subhra..
9.5 hours of photo period is an overdose..specially in the initial phase of the tank..generally 7-8 hours is more than enough..infact initially 6hours will do really good...
what is your substrate..if you are using a good substrate dosing macros in not needed in the first few weeks..if the soil is high in nutrient contents, dosing macros can lead to algea problems...
Coming to your problems with cabomba..it is pretty high light demanding plant.if it does not get enough light you see the inter node spaces becoming longer..and for turning it red it requires high lighting with proper color spectrum along with proper macro and micro dosing.and 28C is a pretty high temperature in planted tanks considering the fact that many plants stop growing above 28C..
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Re: Having Problem with red Cabombas

Postby subhra » Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:37 am

Thanks everyone for the comments...I will try to summarize the suggestions...
By the way..Substrate: 1” layer of Garden Soil, washed, dried & crushed. Mixed some sand and powdered Laterite (about say 20 %). I also spread some crystals of MgSO4 at the bottom.
2” layer of white gravel....No seriuos algae problem as of yet...(touch wood)I started dosing macro after 2nd week of establishing...actually the Cabombas were introduced after the first week..
I will reduce the Photo period...but wont it affect the plant health...I will also change my light...go to Ezra Street may be...Achintya Da also suggested the same....
If anything comes up I will surely report....
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